"cold" acquisition we make fun ... and hot!

We invite you cordially for the training ' successful acquisition! '. LimiTense sets practical acquisition training tailored to your organization and products/services and also oganiseren this we regularly with open registration. Program Successful Acquisition.


For whom?

You will find customer acquisition, cold and warm acquisition actually annoying? And how come you now of the first call to a visit to then a command to retrieve appointment within? And how do you stay during this entire process of disappointments and ' disclaimers ' also still motivated? You have what scepticism and doubts occasionally acquisition and you set out? Acquisition can be fun also independent of direct result and we're going to help you with this!


What you learn?

We're going to find the correct mindset to actively train needed for successful acquisition. During the workouts we go me using that correct mindset especially practical work. Practicing with conversation shapes such as cold calling, proposals and enthusiasm of your specialism and radiate box company. Eventually we bring you (again) at your strength/conviction needed to convince the customer.

With the commercial sales experience and sharpness of René and with the psychological background in psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy, there are no ' escapes ' to postpone or not longer possible to be successful!




René with his sales and coachingservaring and Esmé with her psychological background are a good combination that a solid and also enjoyable training guarantees to really to change the mindset definatly for doing (cold) acquisition.


More importantly: you encourage and motivate further to the maximum (again) to believe in your own potential, commitment and skill and professionalism and understanding of the client, who is also necessary in order for you to choose!

Attached you will find the program of the training evenings which will take place in Amsterdam on our establishment.Successful Acquisition Program


Do you want to go exercise, controlling and even fun acquisition go find? This is a snappy active programme based on the first "cold acquisition" evening with lots of exercises and also with a brief introduction of the drop modules. Maximum group size is 14.

Sometimes we get the question of what is meant by "cold Acquisition"? This is approaching a potential customer without that there has been not earlier any association, also via which network whatsoever. At "Hot Acquisition" is this conectie already there, whether or not through a relationship out of your network.