If you have a random director or manager asks for what (s)he means with the customer-service of their company and the employees, then you hear usually an ideal story from the thinking and experience of the vision/mission of the management.

How can it happen that mostly reality seems to be somewhat different and with many companies you call or visit there so many structurally bad reactions and approach in representing their company concerning customer contacts and communication?  And why will your employé act differently? They get an unambiguous instruction/training?

There are in our experience by management/geschäftsführung (unconscious) aannamers done a lot for the Act of individual workers to customers and only few actually found on the basis of customer satisfaction surveys and also concrete testing. And how do you know than any training to close (the lack of) goes on at your people skills?


In addition to the taylor-made and adhusted in-company trainings, we offer the customer-serivce training with the basic ruled and psychology of comunication also in an open subscribtion training on reguarly base. Just contact us when you want more information.


In principle the measures/trainings are preceded by a zero-measurement test and after the training customer-service will be testing again. The results of the zero-/give also the information for the specific measurement training considerations for the training.

Learning points of these workouts how to deploy customer-friendliness and measurements/testing as an instrument as motivation and indicator of your employee/management and if PR for your customers and stimulus of the continuity in the customer relationship.


Important aspects are how to use the definition of the customer-service and gives concrete leads to an unambiguous instruction to your employees. At the desk, telephone and at the customer for your service technicians, who are all reprsening your company.


The verbal skills of internal service employes and BackOffice are possible, however how this can very well be used, requires care and attention. Some examples to try to win a discussion to nomen ipv remain from this pitfall and solution to a real, or ignoring the emotion of the customer certainly leads to unnecessary frustrations on both sides (customer and your employees).

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