LimiTense exists since 1996 and has as a red thread in the business activities training, advice and individual guidance on area of communication between people. Founded In 1995 by René van der Weerd, then already 8 years successful working in technical commercial functions, by personal and business relationships and doegerichte communication with colleagues. Inspired by his interest in people and personal growth in combination with career-development under the name LimiTense, he has further specialized in increasing the effectiveness of the communication processes. This both within departments of organization as non-pofit pofit, individually and in groups, both elderly as young people, where people can connect in and with their work.

In 2011 is added to the team of Limitense Esmé Marques. They are from a theoretical framework directive as a psychologist on the behaviour of people, so too the behaviour of people in work situations, conflict situations or problems in the private atmosphere. With her background makes them a link between 1. the quantifiable, statistics arising out of (psychological/level)-tests and 2. the analysis of one or more conversations.

We focus on the consciousness of the own attitude, reactions, motives and biases in combination with the focus on the (business) objectives, makes that connection can be constructively to sustainable (together) worked. Sincere contact instead of applying "tricks". LimiTense recent years successful contracts has realized on area of communication in a broad sense: Coaching (individueeel and groups), conflict mediation, case management, absenteeism and reintegration and empowerment with also deployment of instruments such as delijkheids-and klantvrien-assesments and sales & managementstrainingen. The vision of LimiTense is that within each situation there is own choice and opportunity to take own responsibility. However each choice has also always associated consequences.

last updated 26-04-2012