Assessments and workouts: raising effectiveness and employability

  • Internet assesments for obtaining a good and quick insight in the level and character of candidates (internal)
  • Friendly way of communication with a positive approach and confronting supporting motivation and involvement
  • Management coaching: absenteeism, performance & evaluation conversations.
  • Customer-friendliness/servicelevel improvement (attitude/motivation)
  • Relationship management/cold acquisition/networking  "relationship management scan"-your score as a company and scan of representation towards customers and businessrelations
  • Carreer coaching and reflection
  • Reintegration & outplacement counseling and accompaniment
  • Lifecoaching: meaning and motivation ; result feel more strong and selfconfidant making choises


The training that LimiTense gives his workouts:

Concrete and pragmatic with a highly interactive nature: learning by doing and observation with direct feedback. LimiTense specializes in insight and open lay the manner of conversation and communication in General, communications management, customer service and sales.

The approach of LimiTense is personal, attentionfull and highly effective.


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last updated 14-04-2012