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When select LimiTense in?

If you wish to increase the effectiveness and strength of your organization by careful and thoughtful deployment of management and staff: motivation, inspiration and involvement.


In recent years, the service and customer service visible and palpable declined and sometimes even neglected. The economic crisis now can give you the opportunity and also a chance to distinguish you as a company and professional by investing in specific coaching and training. Authenticity, honesty, sincerity and clear communication brings you trust your employees/colleagues, customers and ultimately higher productivity and generates extra business. Unfortunately the crisis brings to many organizations now also fear, mistrust and inefficiency due to lack of open communication. This can really change in a positive way!


We offer:

  • Online assessments: level-behavioral properties-customer-friendliness-sales
  • Communication training- taylor made
  • Management reflection & trainings
  • (Cold-) calling acquisition training 
  • Individual coaching & coaching (operation: increase effectiveness and work experience)
  • Online consulting (The new works over the internet with webcam: HNW in practice)

    Internal customer: atmosphere, effectiveness, quality: healthy and open tension between management and performers

    External customer: effectiveness of customer calls, customer relationship management, sales calls, cold acquisition and complaint calls

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This communication processes are important for realizing your organization objectives and should therefore be to lie in a line with your vision and policy. This policy and your vision now also lives with everyone in your company?










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