Successful acquisition 3 day parts

You also have difficulty fobbed off by the Secretary so you can not reach and make contact with your contact person or the director? The economy is not growing and in general businesses are confronted that it's not automatically a rule of getting more business if you deliver ""just"" good products or services. So it is time to increase effective ways of communicationand Empower NOW our activities in our business!


The approachable acquisition training of LimiTense can support you by realising this increasing of your business. By concrete and effective communication and cold-calling and effective sales follow-up you will make a difference! This is connected with business networking where you can add something for the benefit of your customer. This minimal investment will help you to experience a different way of approaching acquisition and sales and feel better to start.  Read more >>


Customer friendliness for professionals

This training ensures that the customer feel pleasantly and professionally treated feels and you can exploit this sales for your company. Concrete, pragmatic approach with many roles to play.

If you realizes the importance of your first impression and can produce a good customer approach, then follow this training read more >>


Energizer-is more flexible and feel your self again

2nd Energizer-EmpowerNow program! now successful drop July and september 2012

In december 2010 was the first try-out program: despite the snow and smoothness was the head out and experienced the power and own balance successfully managed and to be repeated!

Late March State energy-giving program in the plannning with lunch and active network-possibility for only € 125,- read more >>



Find the strength in yourself by understanding and awareness.

If you want to feel really '"A"live and Kicking" nstead of to be lived by others, step out victimization!

This means that if the energy and the work automatically in perception decreases, this is what you can take seriously a signal and timely support to recovery can work if you ask. Individual attention in the form of training and/or coaching to rejoin the own strength and motivation to come. read more >>






last updated: 2-03-2012